Why You Need Your Tires Balanced

why you need to balance your tires

Tires are the main reason you’re able to get where you’re going each day. A smooth ride can often be taken for granted, so when you experience a bit of shakiness in the steering wheel or your car doesn’t seem to be driving straight, it’s a good idea to have the vehicle serviced.

Balancing tires requires specialized knowledge and equipment, and few drivers in Atlantic City and Egg Harbor can do it on their own. Learn about the process of balancing tires, and where to go to maintain or restore the even, comfortable drive everyone deserves.

Tire Balancing Services

tire balance

When wheels are properly balanced, it reduces wear and tear on the tires and promotes consistent fuel efficiency. When wheels are unbalanced, they might need to be replaced or rotated more often. If you’ve noticed that your car is shaking or vibrating, particularly when approaching speeds of 50-60 mph, it’s a sign that the tires may need a look.

The good news is that most tires will keep their balance and only go out of balance in a gradual manner as time goes on. But when tires are unbalanced, it influences your ability to drive the car, resulting in decreased performance. That’s why the balancing process helps.

How Tires are Balanced

When tires are balanced, they’ll be removed from your car. The tires will then be placed on a specialized balancing machine which spins them to find any imbalances. As the wheel spins, the unbalanced weight in the tire will be brought to the outside edge.

In the small space between your wheels and tires, weights ensure the tires provide the smoothest ride possible. But as time goes on, these weights can shift and need balancing. The balancing machine will properly redistribute the weights.

Unbalanced wheels don’t wear evenly, which means they’ll need to be replaced more often or require more frequent rotation. Tire balancing is important, because along with the vibrating, shaky ride unbalanced tires offer, it can also harm the suspension and its related components, which wear out and need replacement sooner.

After mounting the wheel on the spin balancing machine, your wheels will be balanced properly and set to proper tire pressure as required by the manufacturer and your vehicle’s specifications.

How Often Should Tires Be Balanced?

Consult the owner’s manual or a service technician to see how often your wheels should be balanced. Typically, that’s about once every two years, or every 12,000 miles. Balancing should also be completed when new tires are purchased.

Tire imbalance is a more frequent issue for larger SUVs and all-wheel-drive trucks, particularly if lots of off-road driving is done. In this case, tires may need to be balanced more often. If you’re not sure of the last time tires were balanced, bring your vehicle to your local service professionals.

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