Why Are My Brakes Squeaking

The brakes are an essential car component, as they help you come to a safe stop when driving around Atlantic City or Egg Harbor. For the most part, the brakes remain quiet as they do their job. Sometimes, you’ll start to hear a squeaking noise.

You may be wondering why your brakes are squeaking, which we’ll help answer in this informative guide. Learn all about squeaky brakes below, and contact us at Boardwalk Honda if you have any questions.

Various Brake Noises

There are some instances when brake noise is totally normal. That’s because modern brakes use a cast-iron disc that’s squeezed between two brake pads lined with friction materials. In some instances, the disc, pads, and brake caliper can start to vibrate, resulting in a squeal at a single discrete frequency.

One example of brake noise is when you press down on the brake first thing in the morning when it rained overnight. That’s from the pads sweeping a thin film of rust that’s formed on the discs and is totally normal.

Plus, race track drivers with racing pads will hear some squealing. The material used to make performance brake pads creates greater friction, since it’s more resistant to heat. This results in an audible squeaking noise.

However, if your brake pads have a high metal content or are starting to get thin, then you’ll hear a shrill metallic noise. If you hear this over a high-pitched squeal, you have to get the brake pads replaced as soon as possible. If the pads aren’t good quality, it’ll become harder to bring your car to a stop, which can lead to an accident.

How to Fix Squeaking Brakes

replace brake fluid

There are many ways to silence those squeaking brakes. You could use a lotion or cream on the back of the brake pads. You could also use sandpaper to sand off surface hardening of the brake pad. You could replace the brake pads with a different type. For instance, if you’re currently using a Kevlar pad, switching to a metallic or ceramic one could make a difference.

All in all, you’ll want to get any squeaking noise checked out by a professional. While the squeaking could be normal, the brakes often make noise when there’s an issue. So, it’s better to get them checked out right away before jamming on the brakes and not being able to stop the car.

If your brakes are making any kind of squeaking noise, then bring the vehicle to our state-of-the-art service center. Our technicians have years of experience working on all kinds of automobiles. As such, they know the difference between a normal brake noise and the start of a more serious issue.

If any part of the braking system has to get repaired, we’ll do so quickly and efficiently. If anything has to get replaced, we’ll only use genuine parts. Because these are the same ones used when the car was first built, they’ll fit perfectly and help keep the car performing well for a long time.

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