When to Get Your Transmission Flushed

Transmission flush

Regular car maintenance allows your vehicle to run at its best for years to come, and this is especially true with a transmission. However, this aspect of the vehicle often gets forgotten in day-to-day driving, causing it to need a little more care in the long run. However, you can prevent this from happening by scheduling a transmission flush regularly.

For drivers in the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor area, Boardwalk Honda is here to tell you all about your vehicle’s transmission: when to get it flushed; why your vehicle needs it; and warning signs it’s time to get it done soon. Let’s begin!

The Importance of a Transmission Flush

As one of the most important aspects of your vehicle, your transmission works hard to provide you with easy handling on a myriad of terrains. This does mean, though, that over time the fluid that lubricates and cools the system, needs to be replaced.

Much like engine oil, transmission fluid diminishes and picks up dirt and grime as it does its job. A transmission flush will not only provide your vehicle with fresh transmission fluid, it cleans out the entire line to ensure it’s free from grime and contaminants. This prevents issues in your transmission from arising.

When to Schedule a Transmission Flush

To ensure that your car’s transmission is in tip-top condition, making an appointment with your authorized service center every 30,000 miles is recommended, although every car is different. For an exact time on when your manufacturer suggests this, consult your owner’s manual.

During this appointment, certified technicians will use a professional-grade machine for this preventative process. However, due to the environment and your driving habits, a transmission flush might be needed between regular appointments.

Signs You Need Your Transmission Flushed

Your vehicle will let you know when it’s time for your transmission fluid to be flushed. If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs below, make sure to schedule an appointment with your authorized dealer right away to prevent further issues.

  • Transmission Grinding: Since your transmission typically should not make noise when shifting, it may be time for a flush to get it working smoothly again.
  • Problems Shifting or Slipping Gears: If you’re experiencing difficulties shifting from gear to gear, or your gears are changing slowly or too quickly, your transmission fluid is probably dirty and in need of a change.
  • Abrupt Vehicle Surging Forward or Backward: Is your vehicle suddenly jolting in the direction you are trying to go? This jumpiness can be the result of low or gunked-up fluid in your transmission.
  • Delay in Vehicle Movement: If you have contaminated transmission fluid, this may cause your vehicle to stall for a few seconds after being put into gear. A flush would easily resolve this issue.

Schedule Your Transmission Flush at Boardwalk Honda

Now that you know when to get your transmission flushed, it’s time to elevate your drives in the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor area. To make an appointment at our state-of-the-art service center, contact us today!