What is an Anti-Lock Brake System?

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Many newer vehicles include a lot of working parts, and while we may know some of them, we can’t be expected to know everything about every part. One of the parts you will want to get to know when driving in the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor areas, however, is your Anti-lock Braking System.

At Boardwalk Honda, we’re in the business of helping our customers in any way we can, even if that means simply explaining something in a little more detail. For this reason, we’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through the basics of one of the most important parts of your car: the Anti-lock Brake System!

The Basics of Anti-Lock Braking

An Anti-lock Brake System, or “ABS,” as it’s more commonly known, is designed with the driver’s safety in mind. Not only does it keep you from skidding in instances when you have to slam on your brakes, it also helps you better control the car during situations that require a heavy foot on the brake pedal.

Basically, what it does is use a system of sensors to reduce the amount of brake power to a specific wheel when you have to perform a hard brake. These sensors keep that wheel from locking up, giving the driver better ability to steer through the turn.

How to Detect Issues with Your ABS

The Anti-lock Brake System in your car offers added safety during hard turns on wet surfaces as well as in situations when you’re slamming on the brakes, but sometimes a brake repair may be needed. There are specific indicators that will let you know if you’re experiencing a failing ABS, including:

  • Less-touchy brakes: You become accustomed to the way your brakes work, so you should be pretty finely attuned to the amount of pressure required to stop. If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is requiring a lot more push to come to a halt, you could be dealing with an ABS malfunction.
  • ABS light: While this may simply indicate a bad sensor, you’ll want to get your ABS checked out soon if this light comes on. While it’s not damaging to your car to drive with a bad sensor, it may cause the wheels to lock if left alone for too long.
  • Wheels locking up: You may notice a little bit of skid coming from your car if you have to make a quick braking decision. This may be the wheels locking up, and if it continues to happen, your vehicle will become increasingly difficult to control.

Your ABS Service Resource

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If you need someone to check out what’s going on with your Anti-lock Brake System, look no further-our on-site service center is fully staffed with a team of highly trained and certified professionals who can quickly diagnose any issues with your ABS. Leave it to them to get it fixed quickly and effectively!

However, that’s not the only service we offer here. Our technicians are fully certified to perform a wide array of repairs on your vehicle, including everything from oil changes and fluid checks to much more complex repairs like engine or transmission work.

Schedule Your ABS Service Today

You already know that your brakes are important, so if you’re detecting an issue with your Anti-lock Brake System, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. With our online scheduling system, you’re able to make your appointment from the comfort of your own home in the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor areas. At Boardwalk Honda, we’ll help you get your ABS issue or any other maintenance request sorted out and have you back on the road in no time!