Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter Driving Tips

Let’s face it. Even if you don’t enjoy driving in wintery weather, the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor areas see some snow nearly every year. Taking on not-so-ideal road conditions can be a feat, but if you know what to do behind the wheel, you can expect smooth sailing on slick, snowy, and wet roads.

To help, Boardwalk Honda has created this handy guide with all the tips for driving in the snow you’ll need. Read ahead and prepare yourself for a wintery wonderland commute this year.

Winter Driving Tips: Getting Prepared

Tire Rotation

Before you hit the roads ready to tackle what the recent snowfall has in store for you, one of the most important tips for snowy driving is to prepare your vehicle. When your vehicle has what it needs to run smoothly, no matter the condition, you can rest easy knowing your in good hands. Here are a couple of things to consider:

  • Keeping Up on Maintenance: Whether it’s time for an oil change, a tire rotation, or a tune-up, taking it to an authorized service center will prepare it for winter commuting. This will also ensure that your model is healthy overall.

  • The Right Tires: All-season or snow tires are crucial for this season. They will provide extra traction and control, keeping you steady while on the road. You can also utilize chains in more slippery situations, but remember to take them off when the snow and ice have melted.

Tips for Snowy Driving: Behind the Wheel

Winter Driving

Now that your vehicle is prepared, let’s find out what you can do in the driver’s seat to have a safe and seamless daily commute.

  • Drive Slow & Smooth: Driving in the snow can make your car do unpredictable things. When you take things slow and keep smooth control of the steering wheel, you’ll be able to stop when you need to and react to other happenings around you without worrying.

  • Look Ahead: When the roads are slick, be sure to look farther down the road than you typically would. Anticipate what you need to do next and allow for double the stopping distance, as wet or icy roads can cause you to slide.

  • Handling Skids: If you happen to hit an icy patch and your car starts to slide, don’t panic and immediately hit your brakes. If your front wheels are skidding, ease off the gas, and your tires should regain traction. Then, aim where you want to go. When the rear tires are sliding, turn into it and steer back into the direction you were going.

Drive Safe This Winter with Boardwalk Honda

While our team can’t help you while you’re driving, we can ensure your vehicle is ready for driving in the snow. In our service center, our trained technicians can inspect your vehicle and prepare it for winter with maintenance and the proper set of tires. All you need to do is schedule an appointment in the Egg Harbor and Atlantic City area!

Stay safe out there with our snowy driving tips, and we’ll see you for your maintenance appointment soon!