2022 Honda HR-V Interior Review

2022 Honda HR-V

The 2022 Honda HR-V lets you get to the beach comfortably. The five-seat SUV blends style and versatility to help you travel throughout the Garden State. Is it a fit for you?

If you live near Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Galloway, NJ, you can keep reading to find out. Boardwalk Honda prepared a 2022 Honda HR-V interior review that shows how the SUV accommodates New Jersey drivers.

Honda HR-V Cargo Space: A Shore Fit

2022 Honda HR-V The Magic Act of the 2022 Honda HR-V interior is a fit for the Jersey Shore. You don’t even have to say “abracadabra” to benefit from its flexible design.

The rear seats are a 60/40 split, which lets you expand the standard 24.3 cubic feet of cargo space in Two-Wheel Drive trims (2WD). You can access up to 58.8 cubic feet of cargo space when you need room for extra beach chairs.

A Honda HR-V interior comes equipped with a 2nd-row Magic Seat. The seat can contort into different configurations to help you store more:

  • Utility Mode
  • Long Mode
  • Tall Mode

This handy design can create a quicker and easier packing experience. Did you know that the 2022 Honda HR-V can help you get to the beach faster, too?

Get to the Beach, Faster

2022 Honda HR-V Parking is at a premium when you go to the beach. The Honda HR-V makes it easier to slide into the parking spot that just opened up. Its Electric Parking Brake activates when you grip its lever and deactivates when you shift into Reverse or Drive.

The 2022 Honda HR-V can get you to the beach faster, too. Its interior can be equipped with the available controls that let you greet an open stretch of the Atlantic City Expressway with a smile on your face:

  • Paddle Shifters
  • Sport Pedals
  • Push Button Start

The available Push Button Start makes it easy to get up and go. You can leave your key fob in your pocket, sip your morning coffee, and shift into gear.

When you are driving, available Paddle Shifters and Sport Pedals insert athleticism into the HR-V’s powertrain. This adds agility while you are changing lanes and headed to the shore on a Saturday morning.

The HR-V Is the Feel Good Story of the Year

2022 Honda HR-V The summer sun may feel great when you are stretched out on the hot sands of the Jersey Shore, but you might want to cool down when you are on your way home. The 2022 Honda HR-V interior has the available features that turn your beach trip into the feel-good story of the year:

  • One-touch power moonroof
  • Automatic climate control with electrostatic touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™

If you want to smell the salt water, just pop open the one-touch power moonroof. You’ll fill the cabin with a refreshing breeze.

Nothing sets a cooler mood quite like the right playlists. Available Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ can access playlists that let the miles slip by faster. You can also send and receive messages using the hands-free technology that lets you focus on the road home.

Test Drive a 2022 Honda HR-V

Our 2022 Honda HR-V interior review reveals a versatile and comfortable driving experience. How can you take a close look at the crossover SUV?

If you live near Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Galloway, test drive a 2022 Honda HR-V at Boardwalk Honda.


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