Why Winter at the Jersey Shore is Awesome

Heading to the Jersey Shore is usually the highlight of the summer for a lot of people in the tristate area. However, despite the warm sun, sandy beaches, and activities on the boardwalk, the one major drawback is the amount of people who had the same idea. Beaches get crowded, lines for rides become increasingly longer, and restaurants will put you on a wait with no foreseeable end. But why do you have to go down the Jersey Shore during the spring and summer? Why not wait until the crowds are gone?

Beach During Winter

We’re going to give you a list of why winter at the Jersey Shore is awesome and why you should make a point to check it out before the season changes and the vacationers come back in droves.

Cheaper Room Rates to Take Advantage Of!

It’s no secret that vacation towns have much lower rates during their off-season. However, this can allow you to book a stay at a nice bed and breakfast or fancy hotel. You’ll be able to enjoy your winter shore vacation in style without the high costs known for summer rentals and bed and breakfasts.

Great Restaurants are Still Open!

Even though a lot of these shore towns rely heavily on tourism, there are still places that you can go to enjoy some great seafood and fine dining. Considering that there are year-long residents, these restaurants are happy to stay open to the loyal locals, and even the off-season visitors. It’s your chance to taste some of the local flavors without having to sit in the lobby and wait for a table to open up. Some bars and restaurants still host nights of live entertainment, so you can really enjoy the experience of coming in during the off-season.

Get Some Shopping Done

The great thing about the Jersey Shore is that there are awesome shops around town to check out. We’re not talking about those boardwalk t-shirt and airbrush places either. You can find great boutiques and shops that carry popular brands and designers that you may not be able to find at your local mall. They may even have deals to help clear out their current inventory so they can make room for next season’s hot ticket items.

Live Entertainment & Events to See

Even though the summer season is over, there’s still a number of live events to check out. There are plenty of holiday parades and festivals that occur throughout the winter where the local residents gather to celebrate the holidays. You can even head out to a nearby bar or club to check out live bands and artists who are locals to the area.

Go For a Bike Ride

Bike Ride By Beach

Cycling is a popular activity down the shore. When you go down for the winter, you may see a few cyclists, but not nearly as many as you would see during Fourth of July weekend. You can enjoy the picturesque scenery along the boardwalks and quaint streets without having to worry about too much traffic, or not enough open spaces on the bike racks.

Check Out the Less-Crowded Sights

The Jersey Shore is filled with plenty of great attractions, including several notable lighthouses, museums, and even animal sanctuaries. These locations do remain open, and the best part is that the crowds are pretty much gone, except for maybe a few stragglers. You’ll be able to enjoy the whole experience without waiting in long lines.

Are you looking for a weekend getaway during the winter? Why not head to the Jersey Shore to see how awesome it is during the winter?