Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

Oil Leak from car

Oil is used to keep your engine healthy and running smoothly. If there’s a leak anywhere, the engine could get damaged, leaving you without a properly working automobile in Atlantic City or Egg Harbor.

You may be wondering why your car could be leaking oil. The most common causes of an oil leak are:

  • Loose oil filter
  • Damaged oil pan
  • Corroded oil cooler lines
  • Damaged gasket
  • Below, we’ll go over these common causes in detail to help you learn what could be causing your car to leak oil. Read on to learn more, then contact us to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

    Common Causes of Leaks

    Car Oil leak

    The things that can help keep the oil flowing and lubricating an engine’s moving parts can also let it escape through tiny crevices. In fact, there are several possible sources of an oil leak, including the following.

    Oil Filter

    The filter is what remove impurities from the oil as it’s moving through it. Most vehicles have a screw-on oil filter. So, if the filter wasn’t attached properly or has gotten loose, then it could lead to an oil leak.

    Oil Pan

    The oil pan is located at the bottom of the engine and can be damaged by road debris. If that happens, a hole may be created in the pan, which would cause a leak. Additionally, the pan itself can get worn or damaged, leading oil to seep out.

    Oil Drain Plug

    The drain plug screws into the bottom of the oil pan. It’s removed during every oil change so that the old oil can drain out before fresh, new oil is put in. Leaks can form if the threads on the plug are misaligned or worn, or if the plug itself is either loose or overtightened.

    Oil Cooler Lines

    Many vehicles have external oil coolers, which are small radiator-like devices placed in the airstream at the front of the car. These parts cool down the hot oil before it returns to the engine.

    If the lines running to and from the cooler are corroded, then an oil leak may form.

    Valve Cover Gasket

    Leaking engine oil from valve cover

    Valve covers attach around the valve assemblies to keep them protected. They also keep the oil that lubricates the entire valve assembly inside the engine, where it can circulate.

    There are gaskets located between the valve covers and the cylinder head where they attach, to keep these two components sealed. Over time, the gaskets can corrode and deteriorate, resulting in a leak developing. If you don’t change your oil regularly, this process can be sped up.

    Other Gaskets & Seals

    There are many other gaskets and seals found between the metal surfaces of an engine. Not only are there the ones on the oil pan and valve covers, but you also have:

    • Timing chain gaskets
    • Belt cover head gaskets
    • Camshaft seals
    • Rear main seals around the crankshaft

    If any of these parts get damaged, then you may get an oil leak.

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    There are many signs that’ll indicate your engine is leaking oil, from a dark brown puddle under the car to a burning smell in the cabin when driving.

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