Why Is My Car Drifting and Pulling?

Wheel Alignment

Going off on a tangent may be fun in conversation, but it’s not a great situation when it happens with your car as you drive through Atlantic City or Egg Harbor. If your car starts drifting to one side, even when you’re steering straight, you may have a bad case of steering pull.

Why is your car drifting and pulling? There are many possible causes, and our team at Boardwalk Honda is here to help you figure out what’s making your car act so strangely. If you want to schedule service and have the problem checked out, then give us a call at your convenience!

Look for Tire Problems

There are a few different ways your tires may be causing drift. If you have low tire pressure strictly on one side or the other of your vehicle, you’ll notice the car pulling in that direction while driving. The best way to solve this? Check your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure and have your affected tires filled to match.

Similarly, mismatched tires can also cause pulling. If you need to replace a tire or two and you choose tires with different tread marks than your other tires, your car may drift in the direction of the new tires. Make sure all your tires are the same brand, size, and style.

Check Your Wheel Alignment

If you’re driving around Atlantic City or Egg Harbor and you hit a nasty pothole, your wheel alignment can be easily thrown off. Even if all the roads you drive on are smooth, your alignment may gradually slip out of whack over time just from the wear and tear of daily driving.

Routine wheel alignments will prevent this from happening. Your technician can perform a computerized alignment of your wheels, so you can rest assured that everything is very precisely in proper order.

Have Your Brakes Inspected

Checking Brake Pads

Brake trouble may also be responsible for pulling your car to the side. Stuck calipers are a common culprit. The calipers help push the brake pads against the rotors to stop the car when you press down on the brake pedal. However, the calipers can get stuck sometimes and cause your car to drift.

You can reduce the chance of stuck calipers by regularly changing your brake pads and keeping the brake fluid topped off, but you’ll need a technician to fix the problem once it has already occurred. You may also have a collapsed brake hose (which causes calipers to move unevenly) or worn pads or rotors, which can cause your car to pull to one side.

Need Service? Visit Us at Boardwalk Honda

These are three of the most common causes for car drifting and pulling, but there are countless others. If you want a full inspection of your car that diagnoses and fixes the problem quickly, make an appointment with the service center at Boardwalk Honda.

Our certified technicians have helped many drivers with this problem. They have the training to diagnose these problems correctly the first time around and get you back out on the road sooner!