Why Is My Battery Light On?

Car Battery

Your Honda was built to be highly reliable when driving around Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and beyond. It was also designed to warn you if any issues crop up. For example, if you see a battery symbol light up on the dashboard, then you can assume there’s an issue with the battery.

However, it’s a bit more complex than that, as the light could represent issues with other parts that are connected to the battery.

So, our service team at Boardwalk Honda created this guide to show you why your battery light may be on. Read through the information below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Why the Car Battery Light Comes On

There are several reasons why the car battery light might appear on your vehicle’s dash, such as:

Battery Dashboard Light

  • A loosened alternator belt
  • A bad connection between the car and the battery
  • A faulty electronic component

A battery is what supplies power to a vehicle’s electronic system and on-board computer. The battery light will come on when the computer detects an issue with the car’s electric system, specifically the recharging system.

Batteries will drain over time, which is why automobiles are equipped with an alternator and voltage regulator to keep the battery charged and provide electricity to the car when the engine is running. An alternator usually puts out 500 to 1,000 watts of electricity when necessary. If the alternator is producing a low amount of voltage or it’s completely failed, then the battery light will come on.

Furthermore, there may be issues with the wiring inside the charging system. If the wiring gets severed at all, then the flow of electricity is interrupted, which would result in the light coming on. There may also be buildup on the battery terminals, which would interrupt that electricity flow.

No matter the reason why your battery light comes on, you can rest assured that our service team is here to help you if you’re in need of a battery repair or replacement.

What to Do When It Comes On

If the battery light is on, you’ll first want to turn off everything that draws power. This includes the air conditioner/heater, stereo, interior lights, and any extra features, like heated seats. You’ll also want to unplug your phone or accessory charger.

By reducing the amount of electricity your vehicle is consuming, you’ll increase the distance that you can drive on a low battery. Get to a mechanic as soon as possible, so they can help with the issue.

They’ll inspect the battery, alternator, serpentine belt, and fuses for any issues. Due to their experience, they’ll be able to determine if something needs a simple repair or has to be replaced.

If your part does need to be replaced, they’ll do so using genuine parts. These are the same ones found on the assembly line when the vehicle was first built. Therefore, the part will fit inside perfectly, and it’ll help keep the car running well for many more years and miles.

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