Check Out the World’s Greatest Elephant in Margate NJ

Along the beach in Josephine Harron Park is Lucy the Elephant, Margate’s main attraction. This 6-story high elephant can be found on the National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks and is quite popular among locals and visitors alike.

Find out why in this community spotlight. Then, be sure to stop by for a tour of this historic Statue.

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Lucy’s Story

Lucy The Elephant

James V. Lafferty, Jr., was an engineer and inventor who came to own several sandy lots around South Atlantic City (Margate’s former name).

He then enlisted the help of a Philadelphia architect named William Free to come up with a unique structure that would attract potential property buyers. Lucy was built in 1881 with a patent approved in 1882 to protect her design.

In 1969, the elephant was scheduled to be demolished, as the land had been sold to developers. However, a committee was formed to help save Lucy, which they succeeded in doing.

Visiting the National Historic Landmark

Over the years, Lucy has been the location of a real estate office, a tavern, and even a summer home.

Today, she stands tall as she watches over the Margate beaches. You can actually tour the elephant and learn all about its history.

Tours run every half hour throughout the day, all year round. While the tours have an admission fee, the grounds and gift shop are free to explore. The latter is where you’ll find clothes, books, toys, and other goodies to take home.

Your little ones will especially enjoy visiting Lucy with their classmates. Field trips are available for kids to explore the inside of this elephant. Plus, you get one free adult ticket for every eight students to help make things as convenient as possible.

Tour the Shore’s Famous Elephant Today

With its tall stature and rich history, Lucy the Elephant is truly a site to behold at the Jersey Shore.

If you wish to learn all about this historic elephant in Margate, NJ, then don’t wait. Stop by this attraction today!