Tips for Buying a Used Car


Buying a used car is a great way to park a dependable vehicle in your driveway. After all, they’re in good condition and usually a tad more affordable.

How exactly do you go about buying a used car? To help drivers near Atlantic City and Egg Harbor get prepared, Boardwalk Honda has put together this list of tips for buying a used car.

1.Set a Budget

First, you’ll need to know which vehicles you can budget for. Getting your finances in order helps you figure out your budget and helps you get organized for every step going forward. Figure out how much you can make in financing payments each month and how much you can use for a down payment.

2.Check Your Credit Score

While you’re getting organized, make sure to check your credit score. You should be able to find it for free online by using reliable sites likes Experian® and Credit Karma®, which will show you both your credit score and credit history. This is important because later on, the financing rates and auto loans you qualify for will be determined by your credit.

3.Work on Your Credit

Let’s say that you have less-than-perfect credit—that’s alright! Some used car dealerships will still work with you. To make sure that you get favorable financing, though, you’ll want to take some steps to improve your credit score. Try to pay off any loans or outstanding debts you have, and hold off on making any other big purchases until after you’ve been approved for an auto loan.

4.Search Local Used Car Dealerships’ Inventories

Now, it’s time to find the used car that you want to buy. Most dealerships let you browse online and filter their inventories by categories like year, mileage, price, and body style. This should help you narrow down your options.

5.Vehicle History Report

The best way to get the full backstory on a used car is with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report™. This will include a detailed rundown of the vehicle’s service history as well as profiles on its previous owners. Most dealerships offer a free report with every used car listed in their inventory.

6.Take a Test Drive

Financing Car

Once you find a used car that you’re interested in, take it for a test drive. See how it handles, and play around with all the infotainment features and other functions, like the heating and air conditioning. Additionally, look over both the interior and exterior of the car for any signs of wear and tear.

7.Have the Used Car Inspected

After you’ve walked around the car and looked it over, see if the technicians at the service center can too. After all, it’s always a good idea to have a trained eye inspect a used car before you buy.

8.Ask About Warranty

If the used car is in good condition, then it’s time to start talking about financing. Before you apply, though, ask about a warranty. Most new cars come with a warranty, but sometimes, you can find one that’s available for a used or certified pre-owned car.

Visit a Used Honda Dealership

Visit Boardwalk Honda to learn more about these tips for buying a used car. You can browse our full selection online and read the vehicle history report for any car that you’re interested in.

We’re excited to offer a great lineup of used cars to drivers all over Atlantic City and Egg Harbor. If you’re interested in any of the used cars on our lot, contact us or visit our dealership!