Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Oil Change

Maintaining proper oil levels is necessary for keeping a healthy engine. At Boardwalk Honda, we want drivers in the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor areas to know what to look for when they’re running low on engine oil. Check out these signs that you’re running low on engine oil:

  • Oil is dark and dirty
  • Your oil light came on
  • Smell smoke in the cabin
  • Knocking sound

Read more to learn how you can take good care of your engine and what you can do to make sure your engine oil never runs out!

Your Oil Is Dark and Dirty

The best way to prevent damage caused by low engine oil is to recognize the problem before symptoms arise. To check your oil, just lift your vehicle’s hood and pull up the dipstick on your engine. Make sure to clean off the dipstick and dip it back in for an accurate reading.

If your oil is at or slightly below the full mark, it’s at a good level. However, if it’s at or below the low mark, your oil should be replaced. Always make sure your oil is clean and fresh as well. Even if your oil looks like it’s at a high level, it can still be dirty. If your oil is dark and sludgy, it’s a sign that it’s old and clogging the oil filter.

When oil is old, you may find engine damage sooner rather than later, because oil won’t be reaching your engine as efficiently or at all. To ensure that your oil is always properly taken care of, check your oil regularly every month or two and make sure to get an oil change done every six months.

Your Low Oil Light Comes On

Your vehicle is equipped with an oil light that will turn on if it detects dangerously low oil. Never ignore this light if it comes on; think of it almost like a low fuel light-you wouldn’t ignore that if it came on.

If your low oil light does come on, your vehicle may incur irreparable damage, potentially breaking down entirely. However, catching this issue early on can prevent that from happening, which is why preventative maintenance is so important!

You Start to Smell Smoke in Your Cabin

Oil Change

If you have low engine oil, one of the first signs your car is taking damage from it is when you start to smell smoke. This is caused by friction within the engine’s rods and pistons that aren’t receiving any lubrication. This smoke will smell very oily, almost as though something is burning.

At this point, you may also see black smoke coming out of your tailpipe. This is related to that friction within the engine. Take your car in for service if you see these symptoms to avoid further damage.

You Hear a Knocking Sound

If you’re at this point, your vehicle has begun to damage itself. Without proper lubrication, the engine rods are starting to break, and you will hear a knocking sound coming from under the hood.

You can prevent further damage by going to a service center to have the vehicle taken care of right away. If you don’t address this low oil sign with proper care, your engine will eventually seize and will likely need to be completely replaced.

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If you’re due for an oil change, it’s important not to put it off. At Boardwalk Honda, we want to make sure drivers in the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor areas are getting their vehicles regular oil changes on schedule.

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