Signs You Need an Oil Change

Mechanic Changing Oil

Your engine oil is an integral part of the functionality of your vehicle. In order to get where you need to go safely and on time, you have to take care of your oil. Your oil needs to be changed on a regular schedule. However, you should always keep an eye, and an ear, out for signs that you may need an oil change.

Below, our customers in Atlantic City and Egg Harbor can learn more about some of the most common signs that your oil needs some attention. Read ahead to get started!

Your Check Engine Light is On

The first sign that might tip you off to a problem with your engine oil is the engine light on your dashboard lighting up. While this light can indicate a number of problems that could be going on with your engine, a problem with your engine oil is one of the most common reasons this light comes on.

When this light comes on, you should take your vehicle in to the shop as soon as you can. Atrained technician will be able to clarify why this light is on.

You’re Hearing Strange Noises

Your engine oil’s job is to lubricate the many moving parts in your engine. When these parts are properly lubricated, they can grind and knock against each other and even produce dangerous friction and heat.

If you hear noises, especially ones that sound like grinding or knocking, your oil could be to blame. To avoid overheating and potential long-term damage on your engine, you’ll want to have these noises looked at and diagnosed.

Your Engine Oil is Discolored

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Engine oil is a clear yellow-ish liquid when it first goes into your vehicle. However, as it does its job of lubricating and cleaning the engine, it becomes dirty. Discoloration from this dirt is a good indicator that your oil is in need of changing.

When you check your oil, it can also look gritty in texture. This is also a good sign that your oil is getting old and needs to be changed.

Your Engine Oil is Low

When you get under the hood to check your oil for discoloration, you should also check your engine oil level. If you have too much or too little oil, your engine won’t work correctly.

Checking your oil level is simple. Once you remove the dipstick, wipe it off and replace it down the tube. When you pull it back out, you should be able to see where the oil line falls in relation to the minimum (“MIN”) and the maximum (“MAX”) lines.

Ready for an Oil Change?

Now that you have a better idea of what you should be looking for, we at Boardwalk Honda hope you’re feeling confident about your engine oil. If you’re experiencing one or several of these symptoms, you may be overdue for an oil change.

Luckily, drivers in Atlantic City and Egg Harbor can get one here at our service center! Give us a call or visit the Service & Parts tab on our website today to schedule your service appointment.