How To Check Tire Tread Depth

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Checking your tire tread depth is an important part of your car’s maintenance and upkeep. Tire tread depth is essential, especially when it comes to safety. So, how do you know your tire tread depth is correct?

We can help with that. At Boardwalk Honda, our team of expert technicians filled us in on everything you need to know about your car’s tires. Whether you’re driving through Atlantic City or Egg Harbor, you’ll want to know all about how to check tire tread depth.

Best Tire Tread Depth

Tire treads help your car maintain its grip on the road, letting you stay rock steady even under less-than-ideal weather conditions. Generally speaking, 4/32″ or deeper is the best bet for solid and secure tire tread depth.

If your tire tread reads at 3/32″, those wheels are on their way out. They’ll still work, but it’s best to schedule maintenance to replace them sooner rather than later.

That goes double if your tire tread comes in at 2/32″ or less. This is a sign that you need new tires stat and should schedule an appointment to replace them as quickly as possible.

Checking Tire Tread Depth

Tire Coin Test

There are several useful methods for measuring your tire tread depth. Remember, if you’re unsure of the results or could just use a second opinion, make sure to contact your local service center for help.

The Penny Test

If you have a penny, you have all the tools you need to check your tire tread depth. Simply take that coin and turn it so Lincoln’s head is upside down. Next, insert the penny into the tire’s tread groove. Lincoln’s head should be at least partly covered by the tire. If you can see all of his head, the depth measures at less than 2/32″ and it’s time to replace those wheels.

The Quarter Test

If you don’t have a penny handy, a quarter can do the job just as well. Take your quarter and turn it so that Washington’s head is upside down. Slip the coin into the tread groove. Does the tread touch the top of Washington’s head? If so, your tires have at least 4/32″ of tread and you are good to go. If the tread doesn’t reach, call to schedule a replacement soon.

Tread Wear Indicator

Even if you don’t have any change handy, you can still get informed about your tire tread depth. Take a look at the treadwear bar (it’s molded into most tires; check your owner’s manual for help locating it). These are embedded between the tread ribs at exactly 2/32″. If the tread is flush with the indicator bars, it’s a pretty clear sign that a tire change is required.

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If you’ve checked your tire tread depth and think that it’s time to get a replacement or you just have more questions about tires and safety, you’re in luck! Our team at Boardwalk Honda is ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have about your vehicle.

Whether you need to know more about tire tread depth or want to schedule a service appointment, we’ve got you covered! We’ve helped drivers from Atlantic City and Egg Harbor with their vehicles, and we can’t wait to help you with yours too.