How Long Does an Oil Change Take?


Are you wondering how to keep your Honda running smoothly on the streets of Atlantic City and Egg Harbor? Changing your oil frequently is the first step to prolonging your vehicle’s life, and best of all, it’s simple and doesn’t take too much time out of your day.

To give you the lowdown on oil changes, Boardwalk Honda is here with our handy guide. Below, you will find out how long an oil change takes, what will happen during your visit, and why changing it is so important. Let’s dive right in!

How Long Does an Oil Change Typically Take?

If you’re looking to change your oil at home, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or longer, depending on your experience in this arena. However, when you get your oil changed professionally at an authorized dealer’s service center, it should only take 15 to 30 minutes!

Since this is such a common procedure at service centers, the certified technicians who perform it have gotten it down pat. Additionally, since they’re highly versed in changing the oil in different makes and models of vehicles, they’re able to get to work and finish the job quickly. Plus, they may even check other aspects of your car along the way.

The Oil Change Process

Whether you’re doing it yourself or having a specialist handle the job for you, the process is pretty much the same. Here is what happens when you get your oil changed:

  1. The oil drain plug is opened, and all the fluid is completely drained.
  2. Next, the oil filter cap is removed, as is the dirty cartridge.
  3. A new filter is installed, sealed into place, and the cap is put back on.
  4. If your vehicle had a maintenance light illuminated on your dashboard, this will be reset now.
  5. A reinstallation of the oil drain plug with a fresh washer is now performed.
  6. Finally, new oil is put into your vehicle, and the process is done!

Doesn’t seem like that long of a task, right? Of course, depending on your vehicle, if other services are ordered, and the state your car is in, the time it takes to complete an oil change may vary slightly.

Why Scheduling an Oil Change Is Important

Oil Change

Oil is an extremely critical component in your vehicle, as it allows your engine to run to the best of its abilities. It does this by acting as a coolant, cleaner, and lubricant, keeping your engine free of debris and limiting friction.

Over time, however, oil can diminish in quality, becoming dark and dirty as it picks up debris while it’s doing its job. When this happens, your engine will have to work in overdrive to compensate, leading to possible damage, too much heat under your hood, and a lessened performance.

However, this can be prevented by checking your oil once a month and scheduling oil changes when your owner’s manual recommends!

Get Your Oil Changed near Atlantic City & Egg Harbor

Is it time for you to schedule an oil change? If so, make an appointment with Boardwalk Honda today. Our team of highly trained pros can take care of this for you quickly, having you back behind the wheel in no time!