2019 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry

2019 Honda Accord

The time has arrived for you to contemplate your next sedan. If you’re stuck between the 2019 Honda Accord vs. 2019 Toyota Camry, you’ve got some challenging decisions ahead. To help, our team of experts at Boardwalk Honda are here to assist drivers like you near Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Galloway figure out which sedan has more of what you need.

By comparing the Accord vs. Camry, you’ll know which one is the best fit for your lifestyle. Continue reading to get a sense of each of these vehicles, then confidently make your decision as to which is right for you!

Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry: Competing Engine Power

2019 Honda Accord Lunar Silver Metallic

Even though these two stylish sedans are often compared, their engine configurations are wildly different.





Honda Accord

1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder

Continuously Variable Transmission

192 lb-ft

Toyota Camry

2.5L 4-cylinder

8-speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission

184 lb-ft

While both engines allow their respective vehicles to surpass the 190-horsepower mark, it’s the torque that shows the more obvious difference in the Honda Accord, delivering 192 lb-ft, and the Toyota Camry, topping off at 184 lb-ft of torque.

Accord vs Camry: Cabin Space & Comforts

The Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry both offer spacious and stylish cabins for the five passengers they can carry. In terms of total cabin space, the Honda Accord leads with 105.6 cubic feet, while the Toyota Camry follows behind with 100.4 cubic feet.

The Honda Accord also offers more room for passengers in both rows of seating, as seen below:


Front Headroom

Rear Legroom

Honda Accord

39.5 inches

40.4 inches

Toyota Camry

37.5 inches

38 inches

Fully Loaded Fun & Entertainment

Both of these sedans come with plenty of features that every person in the vehicle will enjoy, including:

  • High-resolution 7-inch touchscreens, which drivers can use to make media selections
  • AM/FM radio
  • MP3-capable CD player
  • USB ports and auxiliary inputs, enabling you to connect your portable media devices and play music through the sound system

The Honda Accord also includes Pandora® compatibility, which provides access to customizable stations. With all these options, you can easily tailor your audio entertainment for every trip!

Accord vs Camry: Sedan Style and Appearance

2019 Honda Accord Obsidian Blue Pearl

While both sedans provide sleek, alluring appearances, there are subtle differences that can make or break your decision. The Honda Accord has a European-inspired look with a fastback-style body, and its smooth lines and curves lead to a refined front fascia. The Toyota Camry also offers a stylish body, but it doesn’t include any major or unique design implementations-it simply blends within its automotive class.

Learn Even More About the 2019 Honda Accord

At Boardwalk Honda, we hope that our 2019 Honda Accord vs. 2019 Toyota Camry comparison helped answer your questions and illuminate the features and abilities of each sedan. You certainly got a strong sense of what each of these vehicles offers, but you also learned about the several key advantages that the Honda Accord has over the Toyota Camry.

While reading about a car can be very helpful and informative, when it’s time to actually decide, you’ll want to get behind the wheel to see for yourself what the Honda Accord is capable of. Test drive the Honda Accord today at Boardwalk Honda-we’re here to help drivers near Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Galloway make the right choice when deciding on their next sedan!