Can You Drive with a Nail in Your Tire?

Nail Stuck in Car Tire

One of the more common questions asked at the Boardwalk Honda service center is, can you drive with a nail in your tire? Little hazards like this pop up all the time around Atlantic City and Egg Harbor. So, we decided to create this informative article to keep you on the up-and-up about proper tire care.

As we move along, we’ll talk about options if you find a nail in your tire, and we’ll also talk about other tire related questions, like when is it time to get a new set of tires?

Can I Drive with a Nail in my Tire?

Driving with a Nail in Your Tire

If you happen to find a nail in one of your tires, it’s best to have this tire inspected by a trained mechanic. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re no longer allowed to drive. If you only have to go a short distance, your tire should hold up just fine.

What you don’t want to do is remove the nail from the tire.

Often times the nail is deep enough that it will actually plug the hole itself, which keeps air from escaping your tire. If you were to remove the nail, you could potentially open the hole even wider, allowing air to escape freely, which will ultimately leave you with a flat.

If you can help it though, you should take your vehicle into a professional service center so it can receive proper care.

Signs Your Tires are Beginning to Wear Down

Filling Up Your Tire with Air

If you happen to find a nail in your tire, you can typically take your vehicle into the shop and get it repaired without needing an entirely new set of wheels.

However, if this isn’t the first nail you’ve run over, or your tires are beginning to leak air more frequently, you may need to get your tires replaced.

To determine whether your tires are in good shape or not, you can reference the guide below. If your tires exhibit any of the following symptoms, they may need to be replaced:

  • Bulges or Cracks: If you look at your tires and you can see visible cracks running along the rubber or awkward bulges jutting out of random places, you need new tires.
  • Reduced traction: If you’ve noticed a substantial decrease in traction as you drive, whether around turns or when you ride on slick surfaces, you should have your wheels inspected.
  • Consistent Leaks: If you fill your tires with air and a week later the tire pressure monitor light pops up on your dashboard, it likely means one or more of your tires has a leak. In this instance, you’ll need to have your tires repaired or replaced.

Stop into Our State-of-the-Art Tire Center

At Boardwalk Honda, we have an entire center devoted to tires. Here, you’ll find a wide range of brand names available, and you’ll also be able to have your current tires inspected. If they need to be replaced, we’ll install the new set of wheels our self.

So, whether you find a nail in your tire or you just want to schedule a routine inspection around Atlantic City or Egg Harbor, give our service center a call!