Grab a Quenching & Healthy Smoothie near Egg Harbor NJ

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If you’re especially thirsty, it’s always recommended to have a cool glass of water. However, there are lots of benefits to having an enriching smoothie. Not only can they quench your thirst, but they’re full of vitamins and can greatly boost your immune system.

While there are lots of options in the area, we think these are the places for the best smoothies near Egg Harbor, NJ.

Goji: Drinks That Benefit Your Body & the Environment

If you’re wanting a smoothie that gives you a boost and helps you build healthy habits, Goji is the place to visit.

The owners of this establishment are Scott and Julia, two people who follow a vegetarian diet and have a strong passion for healthy and sustainable food. In 2010, they met with the business’ original owners and were inspired to have their own store. When they found out the place was going to close their doors, the couple snatched the opportunity to take over as new owners.

In 2019, Goji opened its first brick-and-mortar store. It’s here that you’ll get to browse through a supply of healthy food that’s affordable and good for the planet.

This includes their large selection of Classic, Super, and Premium smoothies. If you want something fruity, go for The Brazilian, with mylk (a nut milk), bananas, strawberries, dates, cacao nibs, maca, and almond butter.

See what other delicious drinks are available on the Goji Facebook page.

Greens and Grains: Nutritious Meals for all Lifestyles

Smoothie Shop

With several locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there are lots of ways to enjoy a good smoothie at Greens and Grains.

They opened their first store in May 2015 and have quickly expanded to six different areas. However, each one retains the same philosophy: to have a 100% plant-based crafted menu, friendly and attentive staff members, and spotless seating areas.

You’re welcome to stop by for a salad, wrap, or some ice cream. However, we highly recommend getting one of their smoothies. Here’s a sample of the kinds you could order:

  • Berry Bliss: Banana, berry blend, and almond milk with your choice of cacao or peanut butter powder.
  • Pina Kalada: Banana, kale, pineapple, and coconut flakes, with coconut water and a splash of coconut milk.
  • Viva la Vegan: Banana, almond milk, dates, and cacao or peanut butter powder.

Check out more options on the Green and Grains Facebook page.

Enjoy a Smoothie near Egg Harbor NJ Today

No matter what the temperature is like outside, you can’t go wrong with a refreshing smoothie to quench your thirst.

To get one, stop by one of these eateries near Egg Harbor, NJ, today!