Pure Juice + Kitchen: Fresh Food for a Fresh Life

Fresh Food near Egg Harbor

Stone Harbor is full of cafes and restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes. For people looking to eat a bit healthier, there’s always Pure Juice + Kitchen.

We’ll tell you all about the place in this community spotlight. Afterwards, stop by for a tasty breakfast or lunch!

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About This Local Eatery

Organic Produce

Pure Juice + Kitchen specializes in raw cold-pressed juices, along with superfood smoothies and lattes. You’ll also find lots of healthy food options to make you feel good. It helps that they use quality ingredients that are local and/or organic.

They’re all about supporting the community, which they do when choosing food and drink items. They work with local farmers and companies, taking into account where the ingredients come from, how they’re grown, and the soil in which they grow in.

Furthermore, the shop does its part in helping the environment. All their juices and breakfast jars are sold in glasses, and you’re encouraged to reuse and repurpose them. For everything else, they use Bioplastics along with naturally biodegradable paper straws and other materials.

Made-from-Scratch Fare

Avocado Toast

You can feel good knowing that the eatery supports environmental sustainability. However, you can feel even better when trying their fresh and healthy food.

Here are just some of our favorite menu options…

  • Coconut Bacon Avocado Toast: avocado spread, extra virgin olive oil, coconut bacon, microgreens, tomato vinaigrette, jalapeño lime sea salt.
  • Blueberry Lemon Warm Oatmeal Bowl: organic gluten-free rolled oats, blueberries, cashews, chia seeds, maple syrup, cardamom, fresh lemon zest.
  • Coconut Yogurt Breakfast Jar: coconut meat, coconut water, probiotics, fresh lemon juice, sea salt, house-made berry chia preserves.

They also have grain bowls and a variety of snacks—both of which change per season. Stop by to see what they’re offering today!

Refreshing Smoothies & Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie Bowl

If you’re feeling a bit parched, you may want to try one of their smoothies. They come in a 16-oz. cup in a variety of flavors, such as…

  • Tropical Sunrise: coconut water, orange, pineapple, coconut meat, banana, turmeric.
  • Blue Moon: house-made cashew mylk, blueberry, banana, oats, almond butter, maple syrup, cinnamon.
  • Tahini Dreamin’: house-made almond mylk, banana, tahini, oats, dates, cinnamon.

We also recommend getting one of their deluxe smoothie bowls. Our favorite is the Power Bowl, with house-made almond mylk, blueberry, banana, almond butter, hemp seeds, cacao powder, maca, and dates.

Stop by This Pure Kitchen in Stone Harbor NJ

If you’ve been craving healthier food and drink options, Pure Juice + Kitchen is the place for you.

Don’t wait. Stop by this Stone Harbor, NJ, eatery today!