Get Your Fix with the Best Donuts near Egg Harbor, NJ


Who says breakfast and dessert can’t be the same thing? Donuts rule all, whether it’s the first thing in the morning or the last thing you eat in the day. That is why you deserve to indulge in only the freshest, fluffiest, and finest-prepared donuts around.

Below, you find our picks for the best donuts near Egg Harbor, so you can gorge on delectably fried pastry goodness to your heart’s content.

Dot’s Pastry Shop

Since 1947, Dot’s Pastry Shop has been serving up some of the greatest treats around. Though they have a variety of baked good available, they are known for their amazing donuts.

Their selection changes frequently, but customers have been seen standing in line for one of their highly-popular cream-filled delights. Make sure to get one before they sell out!


Drip N’ Scoop

Drip N’ Scoop is a great place to go to get your donut fix, as they open early and close late. Their selection features seasonal favorites, as well as traditional donuts that everyone loves.

They also serve up some great coffee to go alongside your choice, as well as ice cream. This gives you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind donut ice cream sandwich! Simply choose your donut and your scoop and you’re good to go.



Junior’s Donuts & Dogs


Freshly made every day, the donuts at Junior’s Donuts and Dogs are sure to satisfy. Whether you’re buying them by singly or by the dozen for sharing, you’re in for a pure treat.

Additionally, they offer the perfect donut deals for any occasion. Buying a treat for the office? Opt for a dozen and a keg (that’s right, a keg) of coffee, so everyone can have a memorable breakfast.



 Get Your Donut On

Is there a better way to start your morning (or end your day) than with a piece of perfectly fried dough topped and filled with your favorite ingredients? We think not! So, what are waiting for? Get into these shops and try and the best donuts near Egg Harbor today.