5 Reasons to Attend the Wine Trail Weekend

Despite the cold weather, there are still plenty of activities to do. However, if you’re a fan of wine, you may want to swing over to the Wine Trail Weekend, starting in Cream Ridge, NJ. This weekend event will be filled with plenty of fun activities, delicious wine, and tasty treats to complement your favorite red, white, or blush. From February 10th to the 11th, it’s your chance to take part in this fun event that will take you on adventures throughout the Garden State.


Here’s 5 reasons for why you should attend the Wine Trail Weekend.

It’s Your Chance to Sample Some Local Wine

Considering that the Garden State Wine Growers Association is putting this event on, you’ll be able to sample all type of flavors some different regions in New Jersey. Expand your palette and sample all the varieties to figure out which is your favorite, so you can buy a bottle or two. By attending these local wineries, you’re helping support the local economy.

You’ll Get Out of the House

A lot of people act like bears during the winter and hibernate, but this fun event gets you out and about. You can travel the state to the participating wineries, so you can sample the different flavors and tour each vineyard to learn more about viniculture and the process of creating unique and flavorful wine. Think of it as a mini road trip with your friends or loved one.

You’ll Enjoy Some Great Pairings

Each winery that’s participating in the Wine Trail Weekend is offering pairings, with various cheeses and snacks that will complement the wine that you’re drinking. However, chocolate is the major pairing during this event, and it’s your chance to enjoy some delicious dark chocolate. The event is right in time for Valentine’s Day, so you can load up on great wine and chocolate to enjoy through the holiday.

You Can Make New Friends

As a wine lover, you’ll certainly run into like-minded individuals at the Wine Trail Weekend. It’s your chance to network, make friends, and talk about your love of wine. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into them at the next winery on your list and create lasting friendships.

There’s Live Entertainment for You to Enjoy

There are plenty of wineries participating in this fun-filled weekend. However, some of these wineries will have live performances from local musicians and artists. You can make your way from winery to winery and check out the local talent who’ll be playing originals and covers for you to enjoy while you taste the delicious and savory wine.

Are you excited to hit the road and check out your local Garden State wineries to see which one has the best vintage and variety? Plan ahead and bring your friends on this fun adventure throughout the state, so you can enjoy the local flavors and find the best wine in New Jersey!